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"Newly-made Agent Percival backplay with hartintraining

Kingsman AU where Harry is still alive:

Total upheaval and still rubbish headlines - with [personal profile] unwinner

Total upheaval and still rubbish headlines - with [profile] mannermakethman

Total upheaval and still rubbish headlines - with [personal profile] lancelotmorton

"My sun sets to rise again." - with [profile] bespokearmor

That's quite enough nonsense for today - with [profile] bespokearmor

Kingsman AU where Harry and James are still alive:

Total upheaval and still rubbish headlines - with [profile] gunsnglory

There was the rare occasion when Percy actually smiled - with [profile] gunsnglory

You don't see Bond doing paperwork - with [profile] gunsnglory

Break the bed. Any way possible - with [profile] gunsnglory (m/m, NSFW)

Fact: only the boring pick 'truth' - with [profile] gunsnglory

Fine, I admit it; I'm restless. - with [personal profile] lancelotmorton

Drunken Meme - with [profile] gunsnglory

The Crown. Every spy's favourite pub - with [personal profile] lancelotmorton

A blaze of glory sounds fun. - with [profile] gunsnglory

Kingsman AU where James never was killed, but returned back:

Percy looked ready to kill something - with [profile] gunsnglory

Kingsman AU where Percy became Arthur:

Percy looked ready to kill something - with [profile] thegoldeneggsy

Percy looked ready to kill something - with [personal profile] unwinner

Kingsman: please report to UK HQ - with [personal profile] unwinner and [personal profile] lancelotmorton

Kingsman AU where Charles became Arthur and is sleeping with [personal profile] unwinner:

Life never goes as its expected.

Arrives just as grief meeting finishes.

Some habits're harder t'kick than others.

I do what I want (m/m sex, NSFW)

I have an admission to make.

fiver says i can make u regret not being here rn

His Saturday evening was going perfectly fine,

[Screaming at the sky seemed appropriate.]

Quite drunkenly: "You - uh, y'wanna... snog?"

The colour is draining from Eggsy's face fast;

Kingsman AU where Charles is Arthur and dating a civilian ([profile] worksonpaper:

First Date

Second and Third Date

Kingsman general AUs:

Fight Club - with [personal profile] lancelotmorton

Kingsman/Agent Carter crossover:

Someone's snooping in your things. Whoops. - with [personal profile] agent_in_heels

Grail Quest AU:

In which Charles Isherwood Banks-Harrow is in actuality the reincarnation of Sir Percival, one of the knights of the Round Table.

(Sign reads: TAROT READ, SMALL FEE) with [profile] feralgodmother

Free drinks for conversation? [He smiles.] with [personal profile] shardofwinter

Working the lunch truck. You hungry? - with [profile] lucreceknife
Change is inevitable, but to what? - with [personal profile] shardofwinter

Sometimes even a girl with very old magic can still be surprised. - with [profile] magicdeception

We All Fall Down AU:

Disllusioned after the deaths of the two men he loved in this world, James Harrow and Harry Hart, and the betrayal of Chester King, Charles Isherwood Banks attempts to blow up the Kingsman manor shortly after V-Day and begins a life of vigilantism

"I told you: leave me alone." - with [profile] knightelyan

"I told you: leave me alone." - with [personal profile] unwinner

Immotalis AU:

Where the Kingsman is an agency composed of Immortals who inspired the myths of King Arthur and his Round Table. Charles Isherwood Banks is the current alias of the Immortal whose original name was Tiberius Gracchus.

"I'd say this is not what it looks like but that would be a lie..." - with [personal profile] really_oldguy

[Faintly glares.] That's enough for today. - with [personal profile] really_oldguy
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The mission was pretty straight-forward: survey the operations while playing a Frenchman. He would be meeting Agent Galahad in Havana. The weather seemed still and perfect flying weather until they were off coast from Bermuda. Then the weather changed drastically. The Spanish pilot and co-pilot began talking to each other as Charles quietly listened. The co-pilot suggested turning back but the pilot wanted to press on and change the course.

Things seemed to clear somewhat but then twenty minutes later the instruments began giving extreme readings as an alarm began to blare and they started losing altitude. Charles began unbuckling and was about ready to pitch himself out of the plane when the back of his head connected with the fire extinguisher and he blacked out.


Charles awoke to the sound of water and a swaying sensation. He was laying on his back on what remained of the plane's seat and part of the plane itself, bopping in the water. He wasn't conscious enough to be uncomfortable.
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CHARACTER NAME: Charles Isherwood Spencer-Banks
CHARACTER ALIASES: Agent Percival or Arthur depending on the universe
CHARACTER SERIES: Kingsman: The Secret Service

This is the permissions list for OOC (out of character), activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired.

Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Yes
Fourthwalling: Yes (we can discuss this in PM)
Offensive subjects (elaborate):

This is the permissions list for IC (in-character), activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired. With IC permissions, it's a good idea to elaborate on what other players can expect from your character if they choose to do any of the following:

Hugging this character: Yes
Kissing this character: Yes
Flirting with this character: Yes
Fighting with this character: Yes
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes
Killing this character: No
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: He's an open book and will ping to psychics as a low-level empath.


Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!
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Harry had done very well with continuing to gain his strength and dexterity back. He was adjusting to his new set of circumstances. It greatly pleased Charles because it meant he was seeing a return of his friend bit by bit. He was still spending more time with Harry than not. Harry, Charles thought, knew that Charles needed that attention in his own recovery. Charles needed co-habitation. He hated being along with his thoughts now. Harry's presence created a buffer between Charles and the uncomfortable thoughts that had a way of wiggling into his mind. Harry presented a distraction of sorts. It was really better than any drug, Charles thought.
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It had been some years since Charles had been on the grounds of the former Howard Stark facility. Now it didn't in any stretch of the imagination resemble its more humble beginnings as merely awarehouse. It was a sprawling and active privately ran base, being overseen and staffed by the Avengers and their many associates.

Charles was greeted at the door by FRIDAY, who confirmed his identification and allowed him access into the facility, giving him directions to find her boss, Tony Stark, in her light Irish lilt. He had always been impressed by Tony's imagination and ingenuity; there were no limits to either. Tony's work with the Avengers had seemed to open him up to other avenues that the man might not have one time given any thought to.

The last time Charles had seen Tony was at his husband James's funeral, mere months before the nightmare that was Ultron and the fall of Sokovia. Except for a few e-mails exchanged between them, his contact with Tony had been limited. Now seemed like the perfect time to reconnect, when Tony was left reeling in the aftermath of a catastrophe in Logos, another with the UN, and a team shakeup. Charles had managed to come across other details--such as the detainment of half the team on a floating fortress known as "The Raft", a facility that was barely hinted at in the Sokovia Accords (a document that Charles had also managed to get his hands on.)

Charles began to slow his pace when he came to a large window that was overlooking the grounds. There was peace to be found here, he thought. It had a favour of home.


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